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It’s Almost Here! Brides are you ready?

Toronto’s Bridal Show is back at the Direct Energy Centre this weekend, September 27th to 29th, 2013. If your new to bridal shows, here are some great tips on how to prepare yourself for your visit:

Tip #1: Ask Questions!

Make sure you write down any questions you want to ask specific vendors so you can make the most of your visit. For example:

1. Photographer- What is your price range? Do you bring an assistant? How much is your deposit? Are you licensed?

2. Wedding Planners- What services do you offer? What is your style? What services would you recommend to fit my budget?

Note: If you are seriously interested in hiring this vendor, ask if they’re available on your wedding date before you go home and decide you want them.


Tip #2: Wear Comfy Shoes and bring Water!

Some bridal fair’s take a long time to go through and you can get hot, thirsty, and tired. Wear comfortable shoes as there may be limited seating. Bring a bottle of water in your purse, you’ll thank yourself later.


Tip #3: Contest & Deals

Many vendors will offer day-of or “bridal fair specials” on their pricing. Come prepared to have limited time to decide if you’d like to hire them to save yourself a bit of money. If there are specific vendors you have your eye on, research them before the bridal fair and watch out for any contests or deals they have on for that day. Note: Though it is tempting, try to avoid entering contests just for the sake of winning. Only enter contests of vendors you actually want to work with because you’ll end up with vendors that you wouldn’t have originally wanted otherwise and they might not suit your wedding vision/style.


Tip #4: Bring a Camera!

Bring a camera with you to take pictures of booths or vendors you like to help you remember them all. Make sure you ask the wedding professional before you take the photo as some might not want you to. You can also use your camera to take photos of you and your friends/bridesmaids to add to a wedding scrapbook later on!


Tip #5: Make Labels

If you’re super keen, making info labels is a great idea. Put your name, your fiance’s name, your phone number, email, and wedding date on them. This is the same information a vendor would want you to write down for a contest and it will save you a lot of time!


Tip #6: Have Fun!

Bridal fairs can be busy, but they can also be so much fun! Relax, take someone that wants to be there with you, and talk some vendors up! You can find almost every vendor you need for your wedding at a bridal fair and it can all be stress free.

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