April 6, 7 & 8, 2018
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Planning a Destination Wedding? Here are 5 tips to get you started!

Destination Wedding 5 tips

You are day-dreaming of your perfect wedding day, seeing yourself standing on a powder white sand beach with the warm sun hitting your face, the gentle feel of waves sweeping over your toes! You’re holding hands with your best friend, your true love, realizing this might just be the best day of your life!

Destination Weddings have become an extremely popular way to tie the knot, but most people just don’t know where to start. That’s why we created ‘Ultimate Destination Weddings’ – a company designed to take the frustration out of planning and to create an Ultimate Experience for you and your guests!


1. When to start planning

It’s best to start planning 12-18 months in advance. This ensures ample availability at the resort of your choice, a variety of wedding date & time options, best group pricing and more importantly it gives your guests enough notice to save and plan their vacation.


2. Picking the perfect spot

How do you envision your perfect wedding day? A beach-side wedding, cliff-side gazebo, a roof top ceremony overlooking the ocean, lush garden wedding, alongside ancient ruins, near a waterfall – the options are endless! Determining this first, will help you narrow down your perfect destination and resort.


Destination Wedding 5 tips

3. Creating your guest list

One of the draws of a destination wedding is the smaller, more intimate size of your guest list. The average destination wedding is between 30-50 guests. We always recommend reaching out to your friends & family before booking to get an idea of how many of your guests are serious about attending. Often, wedding couples will invite friends & family that they know are unlikely to attend, but it is a nice gesture to ensure everyone feels welcome to join in the festivities. Keep your group size in mind when planning your ceremony and reception as some venues are limited in space/size.


4. Knowing your budget

Since this is your big day, you may have a different budget in mind than your guests. You will find your guests would be willing to spend more than they normally would on their annual vacation as this is a special occasion. When else can you celebrate with all your family & friends for days at a time! Establish a budget for the travel separately from your actual wedding day since you will be paying for the wedding portion separately. The more notice you give your guests, the easier it is for them to save and plan for this special vacation. Know that guests have the flexibility to do a shorter stay to keep their cost down or extend their stay or upgrade their package if they have a larger budget. There is always a way to accommodate different budgets to allow guests to attend.


5. E-invite vs traditional paper invite

Deciding on the appropriate way to invite guests to a destination wedding is always a point of discussion. Some families feel a traditional, paper invite is the appropriate way of inviting your guests. It is becoming more common, especially with destination weddings, to send an e-invitation or e-save the date. Since much of the booking process tends to be online, this is a great way to send your wedding web-page to your guests with all the trip details. They can then easily respond back to your Ultimate Wedding Specialist.


Why choose Ultimate Destination Weddings?


We, at Ultimate Destination Weddings, focus on what we do best and that’s destination weddings and honeymoons. We are a boutique agency that provides every couple with personalized service and expert advice. Our Ultimate Destination Specialists will inspire, educate and guide you through this exciting journey one step at a time. We make the process easy and take the time that you don’t have to create YOUR own Ultimate Experience!


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Creating Ultimate Experiences

Creating Ultimate Experiences




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