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Wedding Fashion advice for prospective brides

Your wedding is the gateway to your “happily ever after.” On the special day that you enter into wedlock, you have to look your very best, and your wedding dress plays a major role in transforming you into a beautiful bride.

With wedding fashion constantly evolving, there are thousands of options for brides to choose from. This can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. Here are some helpful wedding fashion tips from Best for Bride, Canada’s renowned bridal dress chain, for brides who are on the search for their dream wedding dress.

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Know the best silhouettes for your body type

The ideal wedding dress silhouette would highlight your best assets, while hiding less desirable traits. It is easy to find the right silhouette once you identify your body type from the five different types used by wedding fashion experts. This article on the Huff Post will help you find out which body type best defines your figure. Start your wedding dress shopping planning with this step, and you cannot go wrong.

Look for ideas and inspiration

Once you identify dress styles that flatter your body type, it is easy to research gowns. Collect pictures of dresses by searching online or in wedding magazines. Narrow down your choices by wedding dress features that you like the most.

Have a budget in mind

You should have a definite idea of the maximum amount you can spend on your bridal dress, before you go shopping. This will help you look at gowns that you can afford, and prevent the disappointment of finding one that is beyond your reach.

Treat trends with caution

While you should take a look at the latest in wedding fashion, don’t base your decision entirely on what is trendy. Always pick a trendy dress only if it is right for you. Fashion experts suggest that you avoid extreme trends, as this can quickly become dated and you may regret your wedding dress choice when it does.

Trust your consultant

Bridal consultants are seasoned experts in wedding fashion and can recognize whether a dress will look good on you, even if it lacks hanger appeal. At your shopping appointment, be open to your consultant’s suggestions, and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

You will know it when you find your dream dress, whether you burst out into tears or not. You will feel an instant connection to the dress and it will feel right. Once you find a dress like this, stop looking further. You can now move on to completing your bridal day look by choosing accessories and planning your dress fitting session.

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